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ST70 Rebuild Kit

The ”’Dynaco ST-70 Rebuild Kit”’ provides all the parts (excluding tubes) needed to restore a Dynaco Stereo 70 to working condition. The parts in this kit are as close to the original stock values as possible based on availability. Includes six Solen FAST polypropylene coupling capacitors, 2 Sprague Atom bias supply capacitors (50uF), a ”stock” or ”enhanced” multi-section can capacitor, replacements for all under-chassis power resistors, plus a diode to replace the selenium rectifier with a terminal strip for mounting, and assembly instructions.

This kit can be purchased as either a ”stock” or ”enhanced” rebuild kit and is priced at $80.

* The ”’Stock Rebuild Kit”’ comes with either a stock 30/20/20/20 @ 525V or a near-stock 40/20/20/20 @ 525V multi-section can capacitor, depending on availability.
* The ”’Enhanced Rebuild Kit”’ comes with a 80/40/30/20 @ 525V multi-section can capacitor which provides increased bass and is recommended for those who prefer more bass.